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Restaurant Update
Restaurant Update - April 2017

The April issue of Restaurant Update is here. This month we focus on commercial catering equipment and also have a bar feature. This with the latest industry news and product releases within the catering and restaurant sector.

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Chain reaction
Chain reaction
Historically, most fast food restaurants have built their success on one core idea: deliver the same offer no matter where you are on the planet. For a long time we have all enjoyed seeing identical products coming off the fast food production line, feeling reassured by the factory-like ambiance that speaks of reliability and uniformity…
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Salt Marsh Lamb
Salt marsh lamb: the Welsh delicacy coming into season this May/June
Welsh butcher Hugh Phillips, which is also the only butcher on Swansea’s famous indoor market to have its own abattoir and totally traceable produce with PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status, is getting ready for its first deliveries of Gower salt marsh lamb in May/June this…
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Family values: FriPura promotes new standards for deep-fat frying
He gave up his career as a chef to support his father in developing a ‘revolutionary’ product that reduces carcinogens and calories in cooking oil. Now, the MD of Hull-based company, FriPura believes the industry can confront ‘naysayers’ with its own ‘gold standard’ in…
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Dishwashers Direct
The Future of Food Health and Safety in the Digital Age
David Teasdale, General Manager of Dishwashers Direct, discusses possible changes coming that are likely to affect food businesses leading up to 2020; mainly to do with the way food standards are monitored in this digital age. Firstly, it’s important to know what’s…
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